Einstein by Gen / Your soul mate

Einstein is dead. Einstein was attacked by another cat and was killed. Even as I write that I can’t believe this is happening. Einstein was a rescue cat from NY and was the constant in my life. He was the kind of cat who didn’t like anyone, bit freely, and refused to be kissed. He was 22 pounds and loved to swipe at your feet as you walked by. This morning was the first morning in six years that he wasn’t waiting by the bathtub for me to turn the water on drip so that he could bathe himself. This morning was the first morning he didn’t jump up on the bed when the alarm went off. And today is the first day of my life without Einstein. I hate that he died a violent, painful death. I planned his death to be peaceful, in my arms, and probably the result of his obesity. The last thing I thought was that he would be filled with horror as he passed. Today is my first day grieving.

I think the things I will miss the most about him will be the way he smells, and the deep connection we shared. He always sat on my stomach and we would sometimes meow back and forth at each other. All I had to do was look in his direction and he would know I wanted him to come over. Einstein was definitely a cat like no other and I will always love him.


You will always be my stinky little man.