Ellie by The Russell Family / Your Family

When we first met you, it was in the form of a picture on Christmas Day fourteen years ago. We were so excited to get to meet you two weeks later when we finally got to take you home. From the time you were a puppy, you were so fiercely loyal and faithful to all of us; you knew each of your family members and would do anything in the world to please us. You were never happier then when we’d pull into the driveway and you knew your people were home. Through three moves and some of the hardest times our family has seen, you have always been a constant in our lives, always ready with a lick and those big beautiful eyes. You were and always will be one of the biggest blessings in our lives. Although you had to leave us suddenly, we will remember and treasure you forever in our hearts and memories.


We love you always,
The Russell Family