Floyd by Patricia Learnard

Floyd” was only nine when he died unexpectedly. I am devastated by his loss. He was a wonderful cat. He was also very beautiful. He used to sleep with us and snuggle in my arms. He waited for us by the front door peeking out the window.During thunderstorms he would go into my walk in closet.I trained him to do that so I would at least know
where he was.

He liked to follow me in the bathroom and wait outside the door when my husband was inside. He was such a comfort when I had my major surgery last January. He stayed at the end of the bed and walked up to give me a kiss. So sweet! He kept me company while my husband was at work. “Floyd” was more special than I could convey in words. He will always be missed and loved.

I will Love you Always,



Patricia Learnard