Fluffy by Steve Edwards / Love Ya!!

My Fluffy… You were my first pet and became a little boys constant companion. In days before leashes and chains you followed me to school and always seem to know when school was out as you were there to meet me with your tail wagging and jumping to lick my face with excitment. Oh how I loved you fluffy. You were so handsome with your long white fur and brown patched eye. We really shared a lot of time together and when you were out roaming at times I would call you for hours until you came back. I didn’t mind that I was responsible for feeding you and being your friend. It helped make me the man, husband, father and grandfather I would be someday to have deep feelings and care about others.

I still think of you and the day I called you for hours until after dark and you never came back. My mother and father evidently didn’t know that you were loved as much I loved you as they took you away. I know your heart must have been broken too!

Fluffy, I have four wonderful puppies now and one of them reminds me of you. That really makes me happy!!! See ya old friend!


Your Best friend for ever!
Steve Edwards