Freckles by Andre’

My sweet and pure blonde Freckles was the most compassionate
companion one could have each pet is unique in their
own special way of course.
But Freckles had her way of being so unique and very much verbal
that is what is missed the most she spoke a lot she did not bark
unless someone was at the door or if she saw an airplane far away up
in the sky at night with the flickering lights she would bark at it
and I oftened wondered what she was barking at and my gosh this
plane was far away in the sky and she had excellent vision.

I had gotten Freckles when she was only 6 weeks old or so and
she loved to be inside my nap sack everywhere I took her she went
people just loved her she had a few freckles on her face and her body
was Buff and white very curly hair that is for sure.
She loved to communicate at dinner time but I would not give her
food from the table once in a great while I would give her italian pasta
her favorite penne pasta one or two.
Other than that she was very good at eating her regular food.
After losing Buffy her companion back in 1994 it was very
difficult for her to go on she grieved for 6-7 months and would
always howled in the afternoon and would look around for her as
the months passed us by it was just Freckles and I at the time
and we had a special bond.
Freckles and Buffy prior to that had visited me in the hospital,
I had anterior posterior spinal fusion and was in was gone for
about 5 months so at night I would speak to her and Buffy
over the speaker phone.

I missed them so much while I was gone but on the 4th of July
she came up to visit me I was finally then able to sit up in a
wheel chair from my spinal cord injury.
She was so happy to see me and so was Buffy Buffy was the
Queen that is for sure. Freckles did not want to go home that 4th of July
and she liked the fire works from the hospital.
Once home she always stayed by my side she made sure I had
everything and stayed by my side without leaving unless
it was for feeding or potty.
Freckles loved to be read to I have photographs of her being
read to even recently in California she liked it at Balboa Park
in San Diego.
She loved the ocean too she did not mind going into the water.
And going into the vehicle was the best of all even better than food.
She would look at me and stare and I knew this because I would see
from the corner of my eye and she did not just come over and sit on
my lap she would do so if I would raise my eye brows
or signal with my head.

She was incredible once on my lap she would turn to kiss me in
thanking me over and over she actually would thank me too much
I would have to say okay please you welcome stop now,
because I had to drive. But yet she would still turn and thank me again
and kiss me all over it was just like clock work the way she would react.
Then later she spoke she loved to talk and mainly when it was time
for feeding I fed her at 7am and 4pm so therefore in the afternoon
that is when she would approach me and talk over and over.
Freckles loved and admired music she would sit in front of the
TV and watch VH1 and nod her head side to side so even when I
would play a CD she enjoyed it very much so.
When she would sleep she was so respectful always making sure I
was okay with my spine many times when the Ambulance would come
for ER she made sure that things were okay she would pace and
look at the Firefighters and then even pick up anything of mine.
She would speak to them and they would be totally shocked that
she was trying to talk to them.

When Freckles was on the sofa and you say excuse me she would
right away sit up and look at you with a question?
“do I move over or do you want me down”?
She would stay by the shower each time when I took my shower
or bath she and my present dog Moka would always hang out
waiting to see what I was going to do next.

When it was time to go to bed and I would set the alarm she knew
to lay down immediately in her place then she would get
up on the bed later. I never had to remind her to go potty she always
did things on her own until her getting sick on this past month.
She always faced the challenges that each day would bring and
she comforted me or anyone who needed it.
She loved people to be surrounded by them when they would
come over specially my parents and always with us when we
would come home from some where but I have spent 24/7
with Freckles since 1994 always with her no matter what if I left it was
for a short period of time no longer than two hours or so.
Freckles had this look in her eyes that it was like she was a dreamer
and she thanked you always and she would squint her eyes if
something would go wrong and wrinkle her nose at the same time
and ask for forgiveness if she had gotten into the Kleenex box
which a couple of times she and Moka had done that if I would leave.
Freckles was a very patient girl there was always something she
would do for me as she laid by me I remember now on how she
would look at me when I would cuddle Moka I would get this
stare like “hmmm what about me”

Freckles has been with me through thick and thin and
I gave her the best I treated her better than myself until recently
when she became ill within the past week she went down hill but
more so when the doctor made a huge mistake and gave her
Rimyadl for the wrong reasons and did not want to do blood
work because blood work was done in April but to me that was not
enough April is a long time to me.
In her tribute I mention some on what happened to her.
She was treated for the wrong reasons and died and when I gave
her mouth to mouth I begged her to come back to me she did for
few seconds and then she was gone.
Freckles was a fighter that is for sure she suffered big time and
she should have not suffered the way she did yet she hung in
there amazing my girl I know prayer is a garden for planting good things
and Freckles is my garden of life she cherished Butterflies gosh she
would talk to them follow them chase them and even chase their
shadows more so than the butterfly itself.
It as amazing to hear her voice her eagerness to chase butterflies
and talk to them or even to me.
She would put her rubber ball on my body and talk to me and
wait for me to pick it up and throw it and she’d bring it back
and put it on my body. There was never a shady moment of despair
with her until now. She was always very well high spirited and
mainly for eating she was more happy to eat in the afternoon
she would gallop like a horse and Moka would try to imitate her
and follow her to the dish bowls.
Christmas was fun for her wrapping gifts was another of her
favorites and specially if the gift was for her and Moka she would
stay there and watch just like on Thanksgiving she would
guard the Turkey in the oven and never leave the kitchen until
later at bedtime if I would say okay bed time.
Her Birthday we shared together for the last 11 1/2 years and
her name would be on the cake of course I never gave her cake
she would get her favorite carrot apple oat treats.

Freckles knew everything and she perceived far and near.
I hold her in my thoughts in my soul and heart and gives me
this sense of healing yet also the pain still lingers on.
This house is all Freckles no matter what I do she is there
and I feel her but I truly want to see her I close my eyes
and she is there I open them and she is not yet I feel her there,
I hear her voice and what gets me the most is that she knows
that she should have not had to die this way it was not her time,
down the road perhaps but not that day.
I miss my girl and gosh the vehicle I purchased was for her I knew she
liked trucks so instead I got an SUV and she loved it.
But Freckles loved any vehicle as long as it moved she was a girl
that appreciated being alive she appreciated everyone around her
and she was very kind.
She always knew about my spinal cord pain she would lay
next to me on the days that were worse than others and we
would play no matter what laying together and
she protected me as I did her.
I just wish I had protected her more so this past month from the
neglect and failure of the vet who made a huge mistake and they
know they did but that doesn’t bring my Freckles back home
to be with Moka and us.
I miss her tremendously more than I can ever describe it lingers on
her ambition to always do good and help was amazing and to smile
she loved to smile but mainly to talk she was a talker
in fact she spoke in her sleep and it would wake her up and
she would look around like “um okay what was that”
oh yeah that was not me and she would go back to sleep
that is what Freckles would do.

The sky and music and roads were Freckles ambition…
That is why I chose the sky for her tribute which Carole did for me the other
day with her photo.
Her leaving on June 23/2002 is something I wish I could take back.
The birthdays which is the same as mine I will still celebrate her life from here on out.

I love you Freckles I want to be with you so badly it aches.