♥Fritz♥ by Mr. Marsfelder / Marsefelder

I came into the war
not knowing if I were going to live
or die.
My job was to be a dog handler
they told me I had to choose a dog
who best suited me
and for me
that was you
In a way you choose me too
War was lonely for most
I spent zero time with other humans
I was with you only you.
You were my constant companion
One day you bit me, was I angry at you.
no you were a trained killer
with that said if it weren’t for
you I would not be here today.
Through evey battle you fought along side of me
the battles grew more and more violent
but I didn’t have much fear because you were
always near.
But finally that day came
we were potraling in elephant grass
it was calm
until shots were fired.
We were under attack;
you stood up and you took the bullets.
I survived;
you didn’t
I lost my best friend that day
but you know at least
you died honorably,
not euthanized at the end of the war.
You weren’t just a some dog I was assigned to.
You were my best friend;
I thank you for all you
did for me.


I salute you
Mr. Marsfelder