Furio by Lucio,Eleonora,Romolo & Perla



October 21 1991 ----- November 10 1999


Tribute to Furio


Living as humans

Has a price we all pay.

We discover the world

And lose our innocence.


We learn that injustice

Is the norm not the exception.

We find out that the world

Is ruled by greed and fear.


We learn about deception,

Pettiness and indifference.

And we discover prejudice,

Bigotry and hypocrisy.


We learn that all our pride

And dreams of immortality

Could never free our lives

From hatred superstition

And senseless violence.


This is the lesson

We call “growing up”.

And then one day a puppy

Walks straight up to us

Licks our face

And chooses us for life.


Pick up that puppy

And hold him in your arms

And he will show you,

Year after year,

A different way of life

Where evil has no meaning

Love has no reservations

Loyalty has no conditions

And joy knows no bounds.


You will learn that this world

We think belongs to us

Is graced by noble creatures

That never lose their innocence.


These humble beings

That can be strong and fearless

Sweet tender and joyful

Are capable of giving

More love than we can dream of.


They can brighten our days

The way no human can.

Their life’s a gift of joy

For those who share it with them

And a lesson in beauty

For all of us to learn.


In loving memory of Furio Daddy’s boy.

Harras Augustus Furio Von Lexa CD CGC



Lucio Eleonora Romolo and Perla












Lucio,Eleonora,Romolo & Perla