Gibbons by Karen & Steve Long / Mom & Dad

Gibbons a.k.a. Gib Monster came to us in August of 1995, only 4 weeks old. We had to bottle feed him and help with going to the bathroom as he couldn’t use the litterbox just yet. He grew up to be a 17 lb. cat with double paws. He was not an overweight cat – just big boned. He would like to box with his front paws.

He has enriched our lives in so many ways. He thought we were his cat’s to be groomed by him. He would groom my husband’s beard every day and he would kiss (or as I say ex-foliate) my nose. He loved to lay down and take afternoon naps when my husband came home from work. He would greet us at the door standing side-by-side with the dog, whom he loved to terrorize!

We went on vacation and left him and our other cat, Wigglebutt home to be looked after by a good friend. When we returned home on Monday night, we discovered that he just didn’t “look right”. We took him to the vet on Tuesday and was told that he was severely dehydrated. They kept him overnight to make sure he got enough fluid. On Wednesday, he still wasn’t better and we were referred to an Animal Hospital. He was admitted Wednesday night and they ran so many tests on him. It was discovered that he had Chronic Renal Failure and that one of his kidneys was shrunken to the size of a raisin and the other was just so overworked that it was barely functioning. We put him out of his pain on Thursday night. It has been a complete shock to us. There was no advance warning signs. He was a playful and energetic, eating, drinking and terrorizing the dog before we left on vacation but this had to have been going on for a while.

We are in shock and disbelief that this has happened. He has joined his sister Piggy who passed on February 10, 2000.

We will miss him everyday and think of him often.


With Love,
Karen & Steve Long