Justice by Kerry Biron / Mommy, Daddy and Shealyn

Boo-Boo was brought from North Carolina to New England when he was just a puppy. He remained a southern doggie, though. He loved to be warm. He would lay in the smallest spot of sunshine,
just to absorb any extra warmth.

In the winter he would lay as close to the wood stove as he could without burning whiskers. He was a gentle soul who loved everyone and was loved in return. I had Boo by my side for so long,
that I still can’t believe he’s gone.

He had CHF at the end of his life. He was so brave and knew how upset I would be, he just wouldn’t leave me. Finally, my mighty, little man took his last breaths as I held him. My best friend, my loyal companion, my one and only “little doggie”. He is missed by so many, but especially Mommy, Daddy and Shealyn.


A gentle soul, a loving heart...We miss you Boo-Boo.
Kerry Biron