Ginger Shelton by Sandra & David Shelton / Mommy

Our children grew up and out and we were left with our 3 pets: Molly, Pippi, and Ginger….Then we lost Pippi, then Molly, and now Ginger….I have to say that the empty nest was easier with our pets still here, and at each loss it was very very tough, but we’ve had Ginger so long and she was in such great health that we had just grown to almost take her for granted.
Every day when I came home from work Ginger appeared out of the shrubbery almost on cue and rolled around on the front lawn to entertain me, then she’d do the same thing as I came home from work. I would let her in the house, she’s jump up on my lap and lick my hand while I rubbed her between the ears…What a lovely, loving cat she was. When Molly was alive Ginger would sleep with Molly in the doghouse.

Seeing a dog and cat love each other to the point of curling up together at night was a boost to the soul…These precious animals live in my heart and always will…I miss them so much and now I am grieving for Ginger who was struck by a car on the street next to our house in the wee hours of the morning. She was able to limp into the yard, lie down by the porch and die where she so loved to live and is now buried next to her best animal friend, Molly, in our back yard.

I just wanted to write this out. I know all of you love your pets as much as I loved mine. It hurts and the tears are still flowing, but life has been so enriched and so much more beutiful because of these precious animals.


Ginger, you little precious.,WE MISS YOU!
Ginger Shelton
Sandra & David Shelton