Gizmo by Bobbie Samuels / Mom

You showed up at the feeding station this spring. You were so small and thin. You waited for me every morning and every evening. You were so beautiful. One day I slammed my car door on your tail and I thought I broke it. You were fine. About three weeks ago, you got stuck under my garage door and you were fine. You ate like food was going out of style, even the night before your death. On Saturday, August 18th, you were lying at my door. I brought your food down later than usual because it was a Saturday and I slept later. I rushed you to the vet
as you struggled to breathe.

The vet said you had a birth defect that constricted your lungs and heart. You caught a cold and you were unable to fight it because of the birth defect. I was not going to let you face the winter. I grew to love you and your meow. I would have taken you into my home. The vet just telephoned me after performing an autopsy and you had no diseases.

I also just found out from the vet that you were a girl, not a boy. If I had known, I would have given you a more feminine name. You don’t have to suffer any more. Your heart and lungs were just not strong enough. My sweet angel, you are in a better place.


All my love,
Bobbie Samuels