Gizmo by Rosie Mower / Rosie

Gizmo was my beloved dog… He was born in Riverveiw, Florida.. He came to us from my mom’s friend. I fell in love quickly. I wasn’t that old tho, I was 2 when we got my baby… When I got older I truly found wht a good dog gizmo was.. he took a bullet in the leg for my friend Ashlee… He let me carry him home.

Gizmo also taught me how to respect things. When I would get upset with him he would just yell back… He was my best freind tho. He even chased this one boy who picked on me… Gizmo was a sweet heart tho. He wouldn’t hurt a fly unless I told him to. He was poisoned after that… He was about 8 when this happened… He always had heart worms. His vet said he’d live 5 months. Gizmo lived longer, but my mom took my dog to the vet to be put down… The vet said, I can’t put him down.
He still smiles at me…

Well, he died at age 11.
My mom was l8 picking me up from church.
I couldn’t stop crying…
I visit his grave everyday and start crying…
thank you


I'll always love you,
Rosie Mower