Gizmo ( Frog legs ) by Jenny, Christy and Drew / YOUR WHOLE FAMILY

It felt like yesterday, back in 2003.. my first check ever from work I celebrated it with going to a pet store to buy a kitten.. it was then I walked in to find an older kitten sitting there behind a glass cage looking at me with his crazy kitten eyes, it was like he was begging for me to take him home. I then without a second thought bought him and took him home, he was the sweetest thing and the biggest ham, while I was on the computer he would sit on my shoulder like a parrot, he was full of so much carisma. I was living with my grandma at the time and she said I wasn’t allowed to have him to I cohearsed my mom into taking him even though she has 2 other cats. When I met up with her to give him to her it was than that my mom fell in love with him, I mean how couldn’t you? From then him and my mom were inseperable, my mom wasnt much of a cat person but she just loved her “gizzy”.. he was there for her in the hardest times always giving her unconditional love, he moved from place to place and always remained my moms baby.

He started to get sick of may of 2008. We noticed he was losing weight. we thought I was the stress from moving. He was so sick and hung on for so long and finally his eyes held so much pain as if he was asking us, just to stop it. we knew he wasn’t gonna make it for too long and thought it could be anyday.. but he would have his good days and bad. finally we took him to the docs again and found out he had an enourmous tumor in his stomach and we all decided that it would be in his best interest the he’d to be put to sleep. We were by him the whole time and it broke our heart so bad to see him go, but we knew it was best for him that he didn’t go on suffering. I love you so much gizzy; my heart aches just writing this, I will always remember you.. and nothing in this world could ever replace you. ill be thinking of you everyday. God will take care of you!! Rest in peace.


Gizmo ( Frog legs )
Jenny, Christy and Drew