Gizmo Wright

Aug. 18 1987 —– May 15 2000

Shih Tzu

Gizmo was three months old when he came into my life.

He weighed only a half of a pound and could fit in the palm of my hand.

He was never a dog he was may baby. I can’t have children.

Gizmo was my child. I would have given anything if he could have

just said Mommy in people words.

I am single and had to have 4 surgeries and he was the only

one who understood. He would lay on my bed (our bed)

and kiss the tears off of my face.

He weighed 1/2 pound when I was lucky enough for him to come to

me but he weighed almost 18 pounds when he went home.

He loves cheeseburgers and french fries (w/ ketchup).

I am hopeful that he is with my grandfather and he is making sure

that he gets his cheeseburgers every day.

I didn’t have to make the choice to put him to sleep he got sick

and passed one night in his sleep at the vet’s office.

They didn’t even call me. They just put him in a freezer and I went and

got my baby put him in a beautiful coffin that one of my friends made

for me and added to it his favorite quilts toys treats and

a picture of the two of us so that he would

remember what I look like.

He is not resting under a beautiful tree w/ cherubs and angels around him.

He is also with a lot of his friends that he went to the groomer with.

He was a little spoiled I guess. He went to see his groomer weekly for

almost 13 years he absolutely loved it.

Quite an expense but I would have sold he shirt off of my back

to make sure that he got what he liked.

I could go on and on about my baby but the tears are coming

faster than I can type.

I just want to say that I miss you very much Gizmo and always

remember that Mama loves you.

You don’t have to take any more medicine now and you can run and

play like you use to be able to do.

Night Gizmo Mama Loves you

(I said this every night when we went to bed).

I will see you again some day but it will be a long time from now

so please don’t forget me.

Good Bye for now my Best Friend and Baby.


Kimberly Wright


Gizmo Wright