Goldie Girl by Angie and Family / Angie and the Family

Goldie was such a loving puppy we all loved her so much. Everytime we came home from work, school anywhere she would greet us by pulling on our shirts or jackets, she loved her brother Hunter who is still alive he is 9 yrs old. It was so hard one day I went outside and did not see her I called her name. Goldie Girl come home where are you, no answer…… So then I said Hunter where is your sister Goldie and he was barking for her so then I went to the neighbors house as I was walking up the drive way there she was passed out. And I ran back to the house as fast as I could and ran in the house and called my Mom at work and I said I found Goldie and she was like where I said at the drive way near mailbox and I said she’s not breathing so when I got off the phone I ran back up the drive way and put a blanket on her she was only 2 yrs old she had a heart murmur when my brothers came home from school they were in tears it was the saddest day for us we lost her on Valentine’s day. But she is always with us and she will be here and we will someday be with her…. We all love and miss you Goldie Girl


All of our Love,
Goldie Girl
Angie and Family