Gretzky by Karen and Tim / mommy

Our youngest son played hockey when we got our second sheepdog so we named him after his favorite player. Gretzky was the best dog ever. He was a loving creature who looked after all of us. When our older son got 2 puppies Gretzky was so gentle with them. As was his nature he always tried to herd them. When my daughter had a child he always was there to protect and of course lick the baby. He barked too much and was a bit too exuberant for some people. But I will never forget his little stump of a tail wagging when we would come home from being out. He had me wrapped around his paw I loved him with all my heart and will miss him every day. Thank you dear Gretzky for giving,me especially, unconditional love and happy memories I will always cherish.


With love,
Karen and Tim