Gussie by Tom & Sylvia Smith / Mom and Dad

Gussie was bought from a breeder as a kitten. She had two babies when she was very young (so young, in fact, that we didn’t know she could have babies yet!). One of the babies lived, and still lives with us, Piglet. Gussie was her own cat. She would come and sit at your feet and stare and meow, when she wanted to be loved. You could pick her up, hold her next to you and give her a hug, and that’s all she wanted. Then she was on her way again, seeking another cat to harass! She often slept on top of the dryer on a blanket, and greeted us when we came in the back door. She was sort of a loner, but we always knew she was there.

We had to have her put to sleep because of advanced liver disease, which we didn’t know she had until the end. We miss her, and Piglet misses her, and all the other 6 kitties miss her. We’ll be looking for you at the Rainbow Bridge, Gussie!


We'll always love you,
Tom & Sylvia Smith