Hooch by Lindsay and Scott / From your friend, Angie

for Lindsay and S

Dear Hooch,

More than a pet, you were a companion and friend
The day came too soon that your day had to end.

Though I knew it was inevitable, I could never prepare
For the grief of losing someone you love is too difficult to bear.

There is so much about you that I’m going to miss
the way you comforted me when I was sad
and would give me a big sloppy kiss.

The gentleness in your eyes,
your puzzled look when you tilted your head,
Even the hoggish way you took up the whole bed.

People of the world could learn a lesson
about how to be
you were patient, tolerant of children
and loved unconditionally.

I wish that you could have stayed forever,
Letting you go was so hard to do.
Memories of you will live on in me
and a piece of my heart will always be with you.

You will never be forgotten dear Hooch.


In loving memory,
28, Feb 2004
Lindsay and Scott