Isaac by Angel / Mummie

My Big Boy Isaac

I miss your big blue eyes staring at me,
Your beagle barks when I walk in the door.
I miss your cuddles in my big bed
All tucked under the covers
With your head propped on the pillow.
Your unconditional kisses when I am feeling blue.

You started to get frail and weak.
But you never let that bother you.
Until one day the pain was so bad,
That I had to end your pain.
You laid on the table with the look,
Why did you do this mommie.
It tore me up and told you how much I love you.
I held you until you took your last breath.

Run free with no pain and suffering.
Until one day we meet at the Rainbow Bridge.
The best 10 years I had with you
Will always be in my heart forever.

Isaac You made me realize how much this life of yours mean to me. I have dedicated my website for you because you were there for me everyday and you still are. I am still looking for your unconditional kissies and beagle barks when I walk in the door. I am still greeving for you and it has been almost 2 years since your passing.

Wait for me at the rainbow bridge and we will cuddle again in my big bed with your head propped up on the pillow.


I love you baby
12, July 2003