Jericho by d edens / PAPPA

I am writing this story because it is the funniest greatest memory of so many with Jericho. One day I woke up to go to work and could not find my wallet. I was going through the routine of the morning woke up groggy headed let her (my baby Jericho) out to the bathroom. So I wash my face got work clothes on keys, cell, wallet uh oh where is my wallet. I search the house over car over, etc ….. It was the middle of winter and I didn’t want to be late so I let her back in and off to work I went.

So a week went bye and I didn’t find it. So time for new wallet, license, credit cards, debit and so forth. Then one morning afterwards same routine get up let her out. Keys check cell check wallet check. Open the door to let her in and look down she has my frozen dirty wallet in her mouth LOL I said what you seen I had one so you thought you needed one too. LOL I never thought about her sneaking out the door that first morning of my wallet missing that she decided to take and bury my wallet. Then when I got a new one she showed me she had one too. After two months later LOL


To the best dog in the world...... Love you and miss you JERICHO
d edens