Jones by Chris Belletieri / Chris

I got Jones from a kennel with Micky another cat I have since lost. Jones was so shy and quiet. He only took to me.

I named him Jones because he was “jonesing for attention”. He loved to sleep on my chest and spend time with me alone and away from the other pets. He was my boy.

I took in lots of animals, but Jones was always my special boy,
so soft and handsome.

I lost two younger kitties right before he got sick. He was older and began having kidney failure, I had just lost one kitty unexpectedly this way and another was having treatments due to kidney failure, so when I found out I couldn’t believe how unfair it was, I knew I would lose three pets the same way.

When it was time, I put him to sleep with Bailey. I thought it would make it easier. It’s never easy.

Jones, you were my first pet on my own.
My first buddy.


I will always love you.
Chris Belletieri