Joy by Arlene & Steve / Mommy & Daddy

Joy was a very special dog as she loved everyone and everyone loved her. She was my shadow as every where I would be she would be right by my side. When the Vet told us that you had cancer and that you would not have long to live was a very sad day for us. Yet even with all the pain you must have been in you still gave your all to please us and go on. But the time came when we could not let you suffer anymore and knew we had to let you go. When the Vet gave you the shot to put you to sleep you took it so bravely. You died so peacefully in our arms. Joy you will be forever loved and missed as you taught us so much about unconditonal love and devotion. So for us this is not good-bye but until we meet again.


We Love You Now and Forever,
Arlene & Steve