Joy by Melissa Chin / Your Bestest Friend

We had 2 love birds, Peanut and Joy. Out of jealously when we weren’t home to help Peanut, Joy killed Peanut. Peanut flew to your hand and was very friendly and smart. I thought I could never forgive Joy for that because she killed my best friend. It wasn’t like we didn’t love Joy or touch and hold her any less; it’s that she never let us and
would try to bite if we tried.

However, after a year, she calmed down and started to allow us to touch her and hold her. She let us give her kisses, she would sing all the time and we let her fly around the house and hang out with us. She became a very good friend and I think she felt bad for killing Peanut. She was very loving and was there with me till the end.

She had developed a little mass on one of her wings and I knew that she was already too old for surgery. My father passed in 1999, and because of this, I had to leave our childhood house. A week before I had to move, Joy was at the bottom of her cage and I knew. I cried and held her and told her to fly to my dad. I wanted to take her cage to my room but I wanted her to be comfortable so I let her be. I put a soft blanket down for her and told her I loved her very much and that she was the best bird any girl could ever have and that I forgave her
for what she did to Peanut.

In the morning, she was gone and I buried her in the front yard before I left so that she could forever be at her home where she’s lived all her life together with my father. It’s as if she knew to go at that time. I will always remember my Joy because she gave me so much joy and love back. She will always be in my heart forever.


I miss you Joy.
Till we meet again my sweet little bird
Melissa Chin