Kai by The Berards / Grandma, Pop Pop , and the boys

Although Kai only Blessed us for 9 Months he has a very loyal companion. We all remember the day he was born. Tia(kai’s mommy) was having her first litter and he was the first one out Tia was so scared that I had to help by pulling him out a little at a time. So that is were our bound began. it was just him and his sister Kiku.
He was the most playful cat.

He was always by my side he followed me from room to room. He loved messing up the sheets of the bed when I tried to make them. And loved to attack our feet under the blankets. We would play catch with socks and he loved to curl up against my legs at nite.
This was our daily routine.

So a few days ago I noticed he wasn’t playing under the sheets and he didn’t want to play catch. I took it as he was just not feeling so good. On day three he vomited and I rushed him over to the vet. They thought it was a liver infection and told me to give him these meds and told me to force feed him that way he will get his energy back. That was yesterday and today I am typing this.

Kai passed away laying next to my stomach looking up at me and stopped breathing. I woke up to my worst nite mare. I won’t have any more little games of catch the socks and no one to mess up my sheets. Tia is taking it ok. But Kai’s Sister Kiku just keeps looking every where for him meowing. My 3 boys ( 5, 6, & 8 yrs of age) been crying all day. My 5 yr old asked once the Vet takes care of Kai will he be able to come home. He just doesn’t understand.

The vet took Kai just to find out what really happened. And we found out he had the most extreme infection in his lungs. She said she had never seen it that bad before. And couldn’t understand how he lived as long as he did. I guess it was just as hard for him to say good bye. And he was just soooo scared. Why couldn’t I have taken him sooner.

Why was I just now seeing his symptoms. How could I have prevented this. All I want is my Handsome boy Kai back. he would always come running when I would say that. He knew he was so handsome!!!! This is sooo hard for me. And my Boys. But we all know that
in our memory he will live on.


Weeping with love,
The Berards