Katie by William Pepe / William Pepe and Family

Katie was definitely one tough little cookie. She was very stubborn and always wanted her way. She was very feisty and spunky. She always wanted to be the center of attention. She always wanted to play. She loved to catch a ball. She loved to catch a stick. She loved the beach. She loved people. She loved children. She loved to play with the children. She got along very well with other dogs. She loved food. She was absolutely food driven. She wasn’t overweight, but she loved to eat. She was very possessive of her toys and food. She was very protective of her family. She protected everything she loved. She had a big heart. When anyone in the family would walk in the room, her tail would wag and she went to greet them. However, if she didn’t like you, you would know it! If her family went to the restroom, she would follow you and wait outside the door.

If you were eating, she’d bark at you for your food. She wanted what you were eating. If you didn’t give her something, she would nudge you with her paw. It was very comical to watch. She was determined to get what she wants. There was no stopping her. As a puppy, she was a big time sock stealer. She was an absolute master of the dirty look. But it just melted your heart.

As stubborn and feisty as she was, she was also very sensitive and affectionate and was a total softy. She was also very pretty. Those long floppy ears were just gorgeous. Many times we would lie on the bed or floor with her, and she would just let you rub her belly and back and kiss her face. Her favorite spot to be rubbed was under her neck. Her leg would twitch when she was rubbed there. She’d lick your face or hand to let you know that she loved you. Don’t blow in her face though. She hated that!

One of Katie’s favorite things in the entire world was rolling in the snow. She would stay outside for a half hour just rolling and rolling and rolling. She loved it. She never wanted to come in. When she came inside, she would be completely white.

Katie was also a very big snoop. Leave a bag on the floor, and she would search the whole bag. Most likely looking for food. If you went shopping, you would have to bring her something home to eat or play with. We’d forget sometimes and have to trick her by getting a boney out of the closet. She didn’t care. As long as she got something to eat.

She loved to go in the car. We would say to her “come on Katie, let’s go in the car”, and she would run down the stairs so fast. She went down with her mommy and daddy to Cape May many times. She had her own little portable dog house to keep her safe in the car. She never barked the whole way down. She would pant sometimes cause she was excited. But most of the time she slept for the car ride.

As a puppy, she loved to sing along with you. You would hit some high notes, and she howl with you. We used to have cherry tomato plants outside growing in pots. We noticed that the tomatoes were suddenly disappearing. We caught Katie eating all of them!

Katie was there for a family member William when he went through chemotherapy in 2007-2008. She sat beside his bed as he recovered. She didn’t care if he was bald. She loved him no matter what.

She loved her nieces Morgan and Jocelyn. They loved walking her around the house with a leash. From the living room to the kitchen to the dining. Katie loved stealing the food out of their hands!

Hercules was her big nephew dog. He is five times the size of Katie. They got along so well. They never bothered each other besides the occasional sniffing and boney stealing!

We had many names for her. Pumpkin, pork chop, honey girl, fuzzy wuzzy, piggy (she was a total foodie!), porcupine, just to name just a few. She was a big part of our family. She was able to spend her final summer at the beach house we just bought. She loved the beach. She loved the sand. She loved the ocean. Every time we are down at the beach, we will think of her. She meant a lot to our family and we will never forget her.

Rest in peace pumpkin. You brought so much happiness to our lives. We are glad we were able to give you a good life as well. We miss you everyday. She’s our angel now in Heaven.


Love Forever,
William Pepe