Kayleigh Leyva by Juan E. Leyva and Family

Kayleigh came into my life back
in 1988 when my sister came down
to visit me and my parents
back home from college. She bought Kayleigh
because she was lonely and wanted company.

I was amaze that my sister would buy a dog
because we were not raised with animals.
However, after some time,
Kayleigh became part of our family.
Eventually, my sister moved
to a different part of the country,
and my parents took care of
Kayleigh for a while than I took care of her.

Evidently, my parents took care
of Kayleigh and she became
a permanent fixture in their home.
To my surprise, my father
since I have known him did not
like animals; however, I later found
out that he loved them too much.

My dad had two dogs back home
where he grew up, and
both of them were killed
when he was young.
One died when a truck hit him,
and the other one got rabies
and had to be put away.
Little did I know that my dad
had such a strong feelings
for animals until he had her
for such a long time.

Evidently, my dad retire and
spend alot of time with Kayleigh;
unfortunately, Kayleigh developed
congested heart disease, and my parents
especially my father spend alot
of time and money on her treatment
until December 30, 2001
when the condition got to the point
that she could not breath.

Kayleigh meant alot to my family,
especially my father and
she will always be remember by us:
my father, my mother, my sister,
and myself.

Kayleigh you will
always be in our mind and heart,

Kayleigh we will
really miss you.

Juan E. Leyva and Family


Kayleigh Leyva
Juan E. Leyva and Family