KC by Betty / Mommy

KC, my sweet Angel Baby girl, I just wanted to thank you for 10+ of the best years of my life. Dear God, how I love you and miss you, I’m still not believing that you are gone. How can I ever thank you for your special love and devotion? You were one in a million, and I thank God that He sent you to me.
Look at your baby picture…I can’t even remember who put that blue ribbon on such a beautiful girl. Oh how I miss your galloping around the house, and that thumping of your tail, wow! KC at bat!
I suppose by now God has told you that you are a dog, I’m just happy that you never knew here because some “humans” don’t feel like I do about my babes.
Your best friend needs help, you know? Please talk to St. Francis, he’ll listen to you about her…she is so lost, too. Our lives will never be the same, again.
I would say “rest in peace”, but I know you’re not resting…I can see you running, climbing trees (goofball!), and just loving life, forever young.
Kacer, would you please give all of my other Angel Babies a kiss from me…Snowflake, Sandy, Bandit, Trixie, Chance, Mickey and Dusty.
Some day, we’ll be together again, on the rainbow bridge…until then, goodnight my baby, I love you and miss you so…


Love forever and ever...
5, Jan 2006