Khole by Patricia / Mommy and the boys

Back on March 05, 09 I was driving out of my neighborhood and saw this dirty little white dog eating trash that fell out of someone trash can. I drove around to see it again, but the dog ran away. When I came back home I told my son Jordan about the poor dog I’d seem and just like me he said let’s help it mom, so we walked around with cold cuts and found it and feed it. We walked away and the dog just followed us right inside our house. I left the door open just in case it wanted to leave. When my other son came home I told him about the dog that was inside and told him to just leave it alone; he walked inside, and the dog come up to be held. Well that’s how Khole became our little girl. We didn’t choose her she chose us as her family.

The 7 months we share wasn’t enough but at least it was enough time for her to know that we love her, and we know that she loved us. Her death came to soon; she was fine and a few hours later she was at the vet’s in a coma. I will never forget my Khole girl. She will always be mommy’s babygirl. Rest In Peace Khole. I Love You!


Always in our hearts,