Kia by mummy and daddy smith / Mummy and Daddy Smith xxxx

To our darling Kia xx,

From that first moment I looked into your eyes, Kia, our special bond began. We got you when you 12 weeks old from the local dog’s home. You were a big puppy and they told us you would grow up to be a big dog but that didn’t put us of. We knew you were special xx. You came home with us and began your life as part of our family.

You’d sit there when we were having bad days and listen. You’d come and sit by me; put your big head on my lap and then some how things just didn’t seem so bad. You started having problems with your back legs when you were 3 years old. We took you to the vets who made you better for a while with pain killers, but you slowly got worse. Kia, you used to love your walks, but now you didn’t want to go even struggling to get up for your dinner and you loved your food.

I didn’t want to take you back to the vets, Kia, because deep down I knew but we had to. We couldn’t be selfish no longer.

You went to sleep, Puppy Kia, on Dec. 21st 2004. It broke our hearts but we couldn’t let you suffer any longer.

I’m writing this, Kia, because I want you to know how sorry we are. The day you left us part of us went with you. Your brother and sister, Benji and Lucy miss you terribly as do mummy and daddy. I`ll never get over you, Kia. You made too much of an impact on our lives. Be happy, sweatheart, and pain free and wait for us. Miss you so much. Your broken hearted mummy and daddy xxxx


You blessed our lives xxxx.
mummy and daddy smith