Kiowa by Kaylie / Kaylie and Mommy

Kiowa was the sweetest fuzziest little buddie we could ever know. My mom rescued him from what she calls “Cockroach heaven”. Funny cause it wasn’t heaven at all! He was about 6 weeks old when my mom brought him home, 2 years before I was even born! When he arived home our old dog Buddy, a Golden Retriever Labrador mix, thought Kiowa was his play toy! They’d play cops and robbers all through the house! It was so hilarious because the cat had retractable claws, the dog didn’t so when they hit the linoleum, the cat could stop and jump onto the counter, while the dog slid right into the wall! Then when he got neutered and declawed, he couldn’t use his paws, but he wanted to play with the dog, so he climbed out of the box he was in and crawled on his elbows to Buddy!

He had a good long life, but sadly in the end he got really sick. At the age of 17 he seemed really healthy. But I suppose age caught up with him. We weren’t sure if he was in pain, but he wouldn’t eat; he bearly moved and he became so thin you could feel his back bone. We really had no choice but to put him to sleep.

It was hard but at least now he’s no longer suffering. Maybe now he’s playing cops and robbers with Buddy again in Pet Heaven. We miss you Kiowa. You will always have a special place in my heart.


Forever in My Heart,