Kitty by The Monteiro Family / The Monteiro Family

Sadly, we lost our Kitty at the age of 16 on July 20, 2005. She joins our three babies (Holly, Jazzy and Buttons) heaven, where I’m sure she is really glad to see them. Although we miss her terribly, we will always have wonderful memories of our time with Kitty.

We found Kitty and two of her siblings with her mother in the bushes of my neighbor’s house. At first he was going to squirt them with the hose, but my mother and I saw kittens and started playing with them. My mother immediately fell in love with little Kitty, who didn’t even weigh a pound. When my father packed up the family of kittens to take them to the shelter, my mother shouted, “Bring back the black and white one!” Sure enough, he brought back Kitty (who he named appropriately).

When I woke up the next morning, I went into my mother’s room and saw two little black ears sticking up over the sheets. “A kitten!” I was so happy. We had just gotten our first cat, Jazzy, about two weeks before, so Jazzy wasn’t exactly thrilled. However, they got to be good friends. Sometimes Jazz would try to show Kitty who the boss was, and she’d bite her neck and hold her down, but Kitty would never fight back. She was so gentle and sweet.

She was great friends with my dog, Holly, and my third cat, Buttons. She would curl up with Buttons when it got cold and play with Holly when my parents were eating dinner. They called it their “floor show.” I even have a video of Kitty and Holly dancing circles around the kitchen table.

As time went on, Jazzy and Buttons passed away. Because she was so close to them, Kitty got really depressed and lost a lot of weight. Anyone that tells you that pets do not mourn the loss of others is DEAD WRONG. She then developed a thyroid problem, but was healthy nonetheless. All the times we were shoving medicine down her throat, she never bit us. She was the sweetest cat.

When we finally brought her to be put down, she weighed about 5 lbs. (from 18 lbs.). It was time. The vet told us that she had a great life. It made me happy to know that when she passed, she was greeted by Jazzy, Buttons and Holly in heaven.

Kitty, we miss you and the others so much. We can’t wait to see you again someday.


Missing and Loving You Always,
The Monteiro Family