KOBE by JUNE & GREGG / Mom & Daddy

Kobe came to us at a time when we were still in mourning over our precious Princess, also a Rottweiler with a beautiful personality. Kobe was 7 or 9 months old and was given to us through our daughter Sheri at a time when getting another dog was totally out of the question. But, like happens when things are meant to be we went to see Kobe, just to take a look, or so we had planned. Well, seeing that little miniature Princess come through the door melted us on the spot and yes, we brought her home. She was a handful at first chewing everything she could when we were at work, but her loving gentle personality made up for all the shoes, slippers, cellphone, and TV remote, that she got her teeth on, and she was with us for about six and a half years. She loved the beach, loved to fetch the biggest sticks, or should I say small branches that were thrown in the lake, and she just loved life in general.

We hope we gave her the best life we could for her short life with us, and we miss her so much. So many tears, and more to come, but we had to give her some relief from her discomfort, and her quality of life wasn’t there anymore even though she still had the will, but her eyes told me everything. We’ll continue on this journey on this planet for now, until we meet her again where we play on the beach with her for eternity. We miss you baby girl, so much, and love you dearly.


Until we meet again,