KudoKitten by Jennifer & Eric / Mom & Dad

Kudo Kitten became part of our family around my 22nd birthday. He was a beautiful cat with a great personality. He brought unlimited joy and entertainment to our lives. He enjoyed being a part of our everyday activities, such as “bath time” and “bed time.” When ever we fed him he would stand on his hind legs and do the “kitty dance.” He loved to be chased and chase in return, this was our “play time.”.

He was a wonderful companion and a great listener. I miss having him greet me at the door when I come home and sit with me on the couch at night. I miss him doing the “happy Kitty” with that look of complete content every night and giving him kisses on his nose. He was a huge part of our family and will be greatly missed by all. I love you Kudo Kitten, you will always be in my heart–Love Mom


In Loving Memory of our baby,
Jennifer & Eric