Kupcake by Brittany and Mike / Mom and Dad

My boyfriend and I found our Hamster, Kupcake, 2 summers ago as we were leaving a toy store. Someone had abandoned her in a cage and we thought she was so cute; we had to take her home.

She was still a baby and she had a personality that would make you laugh. We had so many great times with her and when we moved to New York this past August from Nevada we had to take her with us. She loved the plane ride and played through the whole 5 hour flight!

She was a very chubby, comical, and friendly hamster which loved to eat human food. Our hearts were broken a couple weeks ago when Kupcake suffered through a stroke. She fought and even showed signs of recovery, but she finally gave up this morning.
We will miss her very much!


We love you Kupcake!
Brittany and Mike