Lana by Donald & Nancy Riley / Daddy & Mommy

Lana was a special dog my wife and I got at the pound in October 2006. She picked us we never picked her out. We told the keeper we would like to fill out papers for her and she barked in agreement. She was only with us for a year, We have a lot of memories with her. She loved to ride in the car with her Daddy. She loved to be rocked to sleep by both her parents even though she weighed 35 lbs. We miss her. I know she is with my Nana. Lana keep in mind we will be with you in heaven and will have a lot more memories. Your sister Bubbles also misses you. She keeps looking for you to play with her. There will always be a special place
in our hearts for Lana.
Daddy, Mommy, Kylie, & Bubbles


Lana Was Special,
6, Oct 2007
Donald & Nancy Riley