Lassie by Mary ann


" Lassie "

June 5 1991 ------ Nov. 12 1999


Oh Lassie my dear sweet Lassie.....

Why did you have to go,

Why did you leave me I miss you so.


You went so sudden my sweet boy,

You were my life you were my joy.

Even though you were my pet you were a friend,

I thought we would be together until the end.


I love you Lassie I always have and always will,

There is an emptiness in my heart no other pet can fulfill.


You aren't in pain and you can run jump and play,

So Lassie you are dearly missed

And I'm sure we will be together again some day.


I Love You Lassie.

Your Mommy

Hugs and Kisses




Mary ann