Lil Girl by Mona / Mona

We just lost our beloved cat Lil Girl yesterday morning to a massive stroke. Lil Girl was just about to turn 13 this year. We found her and her two brothers on the side of the road. They were both in someones garage with insulation that caused them all 3 to have eye infections. Lil Girl was the calmest of the 3. She remained calm all of her life.

I will miss seeing her or just having sleeping on her pillow next to me or being there when I came down to my room. The game we played nose to nose. My other cats would have bitten off my nose but not Lil Girl. And I have got to say, from all the cats I have owned, she had to have been the softest fur cat.

Please run and have fun with Beebes and I am glad to know you are not suffering in any way any longer. Be free and see you again someday along with the others.

I will never forget you Danie…I cry my eyes out for you now. Please say hi to BeeWee, Hallmark, Smackey, Whiskus, Tiger Tom, Grey Wiener, Bubbles, Charlie, Murphy, BooShow, and any other ones I forgot. I miss them all…Please rest in peace my little teddy bear. I miss you!


Until we meet at Rainbow Bridge,
Lil Girl