Little Wee

Oct. 1996 —— July 2 1999


I had just made the biggest most terrifying move of my entire life!

I had just gotten my first apartment of my own.

The place was really cool for a 21 year old female student as it

over looked the nearby Philadelphia skyline.

The only problem it seemed too quite and lonely.

I went out to the local shelter and found myself a cute tabby kitten

and named her Alexis. Two weeks later at my part time job I had

at the local mall a friend of mine said there was a lady who had

a box load of kittens she had to find homes for.

I took a look with absolutely NO intentions of taking on another kitten

and fell in love!!!! I took the left over runt of the litter and

hopelessly called him “Little Wee”.

Only 3 years had gone by and I was still madly in love with my

family of cats. I suddenly found myself in love with a human…at last!

My new beau and I spent much time together and soon got married.

We moved into a house and on our honeymoon I was feeling

very nervous about my cats being at home without my love

(even though they were being taken care of).

When we arrived home I was shocked to find Little Wee breathing

heavily and rapidly. I raced him to the vet and after 3 days spent in

an oxygen tank the vet told me the inevitable.

He died on a Friday afternoon July 2nd 1999.

I remember the vet ushered me in the room to say my final farewell.

As I peered into the little glass case I saw him give me

a final glance of peace.

It is a look I will never forget and he was a cat friend,

& love I will and can never forget!



Little Wee