Lousã by Mirjam /

I remember the day we found you in Portugal, like it was yesterday. You were so small and according to the vet only 3 or 4 weeks old.
You were covered with fleas and ticks, but the very first sight of you made me fall in love so deeply.

We washed you and made sure the fleas and thicks were gone.
We could you Lousã, after the city we found you in.

We took you home, back with us to the Netherlands. But every year when we went on Holiday, we would go to Portugal, your home. We also did this year, you always had so much fun in Portugal. You would always run free, never getting out of sight, always you were near. In the three weeks we saw you running and having fun….

Only the last day you had throw up once, we didn’t thought it was serious, because you threw up more. The next morning we left Portugal and you got worse you were realy thirsty but if we gave you water you would trew up right away. We thought you had a stommach flu, nothing serious, the same night you lost some blood and we paniced. We got in the car and wanted to take you home, we didn’t knew what to do. You died with us in the car, you gave us “kiss” and laid down and died.

I miss you so much, you’re were my special love, the best dog ever…You gave us so much love. I’m so sorry….. the vet told us that you were poisoned…..Portugal made you, but also took you away from us.

I will never forget you.

With love,

Mirjam (vrouwtje)