July 14 1989 —– July 29 2000


How excited we were when we went to the Boxer breeder!

I didn’t really want a dog…the kids did.

As I sat on the floor in the breeders kitchen…Luke walked right up my

lap up to my face and kissed me! That was it…I was instantly in love.

Luke had been my shadow for 11 years … he was truly part of our family.

He was a “leaner” and a kisser…..when he wanted something he would always

try to bark in a low voice and it sounded like he was saying Mom!

Luke would lay on his back and wiggle across the room…like a shark!

Luke was healthy up until 6 weeks ago…he had an enlarged prostate…

so at the ripe old age of 11 he had to be neutered.

He seemed to be springing back from that…when he suddenly lost interest

in food! I tried cooking for him…he would eat a few bites just to please me.

We went back to the Vet and an xray showed a large rapidly growing mass

leaning against his stomach….he never cried or whimpered…his tail was

always wiggling! We had to make that awful decision….it tore my heart out….

how could I say good bye to this beautiful boy?

My husband and I were with Luke that day….my husband held him on his lap…

and I held his face kissing him and telling him that he was a good boy when

he left this world…We will miss him forever I planted some flowers by

his “pee” trees. I have a place on the mantel ready for his ashes….

he was my “Puppy Love”

My hope is that he is in Heaven with my Gramma and my Mom

waiting for me to kiss my face again and

call me “Mom”