Mac Beth by Helen Maez

This is the story of my companion of 13 years. Who sometimes I thought was a humam trapped in a cats body! Her name is MacBeth. She use to belong to a friend of mine who was going to take her to the pound because she kept having kittens. When I heard he was going do this to the poor cat, I said no you are not!! Give her to me I will take care of her.

I took MacBeth to the Vet had her spayed, also all the shots that were needed for her health. As I got to know my new friend, I noticed she had a big mouth when it came to something she wanted done for her. Few examples are “I need more food”, “clean my liter box” or fill the water bowl and make sure it’s “fresh water too”! Shall I go on…

As time went by I heeded to her demands because she would not leave me alone until I did, or she would be in my face screaming with those big beutiful yellow eyes of hers. McBeth was also a little demanding, too! The reason I say this is if she did not want you to touch her she would let you have it with right cross with slashing nails, to get her point
across to you.

As the years went by every day when I would come home from work she would be there to always greet me and stay by my side even when I was on the computer she would make me make room for her no questions asked. When it came to time for sleeping I made sure she had her spot right next to me always. Or else that deady right
cross would come at you!

MacBeth was the most independent cat not to mention the most demanding cat I have ever had. But I loved her cause of that and wouldn’t change it for the world!!

Miss you so much!!!!

Helen & Char


Mac Beth
Helen Maez