Mack by Jan Robinson / mommy

April 12th 2000 my heart was broken by the death of my husband. Ten days later I decided I needed something else to take care of as I had taken care of my husband for four years, so I went to the humane society for three days. I walked in and in cage two was this floppy dog just sitting there looking at me like take me home I’ll be good so I took him. He was the most wonderful human dog that I have ever known. He filled my heart sick days with laughter and joy. For years he went with me camping and never left my side he had eyes that just spoke to you.

On Feb.12, 2008 I took him to the vet because of a lump on his side; it was cancer with no cure. Finally on June 30, 2008 I had to put him to sleep and it was one of the hardest things that I ever had to do. I miss him so much that I will never get over the loss. Oh by the way his full name was MacDonald no no bad dog Robinson,
known as Mackie or Mack.


Forever in my heart,
Jan Robinson