Madison, the Puss-Puss by Richie Black / Daddy


My best friend,
on earth you could never seem to find a place close enough to me.
You snuggled up to me,
You kept me warm at night.
And in those wonderful times of trying,
So much love changed hearts,
All for a little water and a bowl of food.

You were amazing.
Whether it was from room to room,
Or across the states,
You always followed me,
but we both know you really led the way.
You were, and continue to be,
My spiritual guide.
I am full of gratitude.
How do I thank you?

Throughout our years,
Your love was constant and unchanging,
Even when mine was selfish.
But not in those last moments,
When you faced decline,
Not when you needed me most.
Your good spirit deserved its dignity,
A peaceful rest,
One that my breaking heart
had to grow so big and so strong to even
be able to offer you.

So sleep well, my beloved Puss-Puss,
We both know you’ve finally found a place,
The one place that is close enough to me:

And though my heart is hurting, I don’t mind,
because you’re in it.


All my love,
Madison, the Puss-Puss
29, Feb 2004
Richie Black