Max by Pat

Yes, loyal you’d be between you and me
From the first day we met, it was so plain to see
Sweek, sweek of a toy made your eyes run with joy
Almost saying out loud, “mom got me a toy!”

Tomorrow will bring no footsteps to find me
No steady bee tail dancing with glee
My point man knowing my regular places
Head proud in the sky as you cleared the way
Then content to wait, till mom moves again.

I’ll miss you more, as we close this door
You would use my pillow to lay still on the floor
Knowing I’d find you when I opened the door.

Why us, why this way comes tumbling through
Forgive me for not being there for you
If I only knew, many things I would do
Still the best of it all was just being with you.

Not a tear to be shed its not happening said!
So rest little Max, see ya lattah instead
I’m still into looking for you by my bed.

I will cherish each smile you gave me fat boy
And that sweet tense attention of your get ready stance
Happy feet down the hallway ears flapping in sync
And last but not least that beard on your chin
I know you can hear, my thoughts little man
“My” turn to follow … for as long as I can.

Be long for me,
just a blink for you … promise



12, Sep 2002