Mewsica Squeak Hudson by Bill & Linda

Velvet Feet”

When once events of life had left
Within my heart a hole
You tiptoed in on velvet feet
And reached into my soul.

A Gift from God you were to me;
A comfort through the tears
That soon gave way to hope and joy
And Love for many years.

My velvet-footed blessing;
My kitty baby friend;
My heart did break
my soul did ache
In watching you near end.

I wanted so to keep you here
Yet in my heart I know
That Love’s not in the holding on
But in the letting go.

So now you move with angel wings
Instead of velvet feet;
And wait in purest Spirit Love
until again we meet.

Linda Gullette Hudson
01 March 2002

To Mewsica “Squeak”
Hudson 1987-2002
We love you baby.

Mama and Daddy


Mewsica Squeak Hudson
28, Feb 2002
Bill & Linda