A story about our cat Midnight.

It all began when my son and I first moved into our first home.

My son always wanted a pet but I did not.

Well back on Sept. of 96 my son managed to find 2 baby kittens

and hid them in his closet and took care of them until one night

I kept hearing all this meowing coming from his room.

There they were 2 little black kittens without all there fur yet.

Since winter was coming I did not want to put them back outside to

freeze to death so we kept them both for a while.

We had to feed them with a baby bottle because they were so small.

Well my niece decided to take one of the kittens for her daughter

so I gave her the one that looked to be a little bit more healthy and

I kept the smaller one. There was something wrong with one of his eyes.

I took him to the Vet and she told me that he was the runt of the litter

and had anemia. He was placed on iron for kittens and I took him to the

Vets office frequently. I grow to love the kitten and he was our best

friend. We did a good job of raising him from a kitten.

Well one week in Aug. of 98 I noticed that he had stopped eating.

I called the Vet and she prescribed some vitamins for him but it did no good.

His ribs started to show. So on Aug 30 of 98. It was my sons first day back to

school and Midnight had an appointment with the Vet. I dropped my son off

first at school then I proceeded to the Vets office with this sickening feeling

in the pit of my stomach. At every stop light I kept looking down at Midnight,

in his cage as if I was trying to keep a picture of him in my mind.

When we arrived at the Vets office she took one look at him and then to me

and said she was afraid of this. She drew blood and took a urine sample.

I played with Midnight and all he was doing was rubbing his head against

mine as he always did when I would say Moma Loves You.

The Vet returned with sad news. Midnight had developed leukemia

and was dying slowly. I didn’t want him in pain so asked to put him to rest.

I stayed with him and he was still trying to rub his head against mine.

Then he was gone. That day I did not know what was the hardest for me.

Midnight being put to sleep or coming home to tell my son about it.

We have plenty of pictures of him playing with his Christmas presents

and just being a wonderful cat that touched our hearts for a brief moment.

He will always live in our hearts because he was the first pet we ever had

and my son showed responsibility where Midnight was concerned.