Milou by Kelsey / From: Kelsey, May, Daniel and the birds

A dog is like a family member.
A dog is a friend who understands your feelings. When you are sad he comforts you, when you are happy it wags his tail.

A dog is a smart animal. I know my dog was! For me he was and still is the best dog ever!

Unfortunately he passed away because of cancer.
He would not eat.

I just remember looking
out the window as my parents’ car
passed by to take my dog to the vet.
I looked at him wrapped in a blanket.
His eyes looked back at me.

My parents told me that
when they were about to put my dog down,
my dog looked at my dad then my mom and then
the vet put him down.

I was crying for days after that day
and I still think about him very much
and hope he is happy were he is.

I know that the best dog in the world
is the one that loves me
and I know my dog did!!!


I dedicate my story to Milou, my dog.