Minnie by Gail McDermott / Momma

Minnie was a calico Maine Coon that came to live with me and my other cat, Mickey Joe, back on November 19, 1988 when she was 5 months old. She grew to be 23 pounds, but at that time she was small enough to be in one of those little cardboard carriers. I got her from a place in New York City called Fabulous Felines and had to take her to my home on Long Island on a crowded commuter train, so her trip home
was an interesting journey.

My other cat, Mickey was a mixed breed, so she was my first experience with a pure breed. She was really beautiful, with long fur, but not too cooperative with being groomed, but we coped through the years. She had some health trouble through the years, including bladder stones, colitis, and allergies, but like marriage,
pet ownership is “in sickness and in health”.

Two weeks ago she was to the vet for shots and grooming and her annual checkup, which includes xrays and blood work. I also mentioned that she seemed to be feeling a bit under the weather. Well, unfortunately, her blood work showed some irregularities, with severely high protein levels which the vet seemed to indicate the strong possibility of bone or blood cancer.

Since she was just shy of 15, he felt tests and then treatment might be too taxing and for the time we should just wait and see. In the two weeks since, she faltered dramatically, and this morning she was “put to sleep”. She joins her “brother” Mickey who died in Sept of 2001,
so she won’t be alone.


I love you Minnie the Coon Cat.
Gail McDermott