Missy by Al Streckfus / Daddy

The day my son and I went to bring Missy home it was cold, so we took a blanket to make sure Missy was warm. It was the Friday after Thanksgiving. When we drove up to the place where Missy was, shewas waiting by the gate with a smile, as if she knew we were coming. We went into the office to get the adoption papers and after that we went to get Missy. We put her collar on and went to the car. Missy was so excited, as we drove home. Missy was looking out the window to see what was out there.

When we got home we let Missy run in the yard to
let her get a feel of her new home. Later that night we went to bed, and I heard her cry, so I went downstairs and brought her up in the bedroom with my wife. Missy laid next to me and fell fast asleep
till the next morning.

Well that is where she stayed until she was unable to come upstairs. Even when we carried her she would cry. So we made her a bed downstairs where she was able to sleep.

Missy has been gone three weeks now, and it’s like it was just yesterday. I will miss her and think about her until we are together in heaven forever, because she was my little snow flake and I loved
her with all my heart.

I have a picture of her in my wallet and a picture
of her on my desk to remind me of how much Missy
was a part of my life then and still is till
this day. One day we will take a walk like we used
to together but until then my little snow flake
stay warm and keep watch for me to come home and
be with you.


Al Streckfus