Missy by Margaret / Mommy

Missy was about two years old when we brought her into our family. She had been abused by her first family and they threw her out in the street. We brought her home and she was the best dog so sweet and lovable. At first she acted like she was afraid I guess where she had been abused, but it didn’t take long for her to see that she was safe with us. She sat by my side on the couch or wherever we were at. All she wanted was love and she received all the love from me and the family. When I would come in from work she would see me and jump on me and yelp and yelp. I would pick her up and she just loved on me. She was so precious, we got her to keep our male poodle company that was also two years old. We took the both of them everywhere we could, when we could not we had someone in the family to take care of them. But I never rested until I was back home with them She started having lung problems and lost her eye sight but she always knew it was me as soon as I walked in the door. If I was up and around she never rested until I was sitting down with her at my side. Her lungs kept getting worse, the vet gave me medicine which she had to be on everyday but she still kept going. Than I noticed she would not eat anymore. I would hand feed her and she would eat from my hand.

One night she just was not acting right and I laid her next to me in the bed and she finally laid still but her breathing kept getting slower and slower an I knew she was leaving me. I held her and kissed her head and told her I loved her and she finally went into a restful sleep. I missed her so much and cried for her everyday and still do. I will never forget her. She was my baby girl. She will always be in my heart
until we meet again.


I will always love you